They're Engaged!

Amberly and Travis had an engagement session like no other! Between crazy weather, a short time frame, and an excited puppy, it was definitely a session full of firsts. Despite the challenges, at the end of the day, we captured some beautiful moments between their adorable little family!

Weather Worries

On our originally scheduled day, the rain came down hard! With a thoroughly soaked ground and more clouds looming, we made the difficult decision to postpone to the following week. The thought of wet, muddy puppy paws climbing all over was just too much! It was probably a good decision too as severe thunderstorms came through the province that night even creating a tornado a few hours away.

The following week, storms were on the horizon again, but the weather held out. However, the pre-storm air brought with it extremely high humidity! This was easily the hottest photo session I have ever done! We are talking instant sticky and sweaty humidity on top of an already hot temperature. In the short 20 minute session, we were all covered in sweat. It also provided an extra challenge for the poor little pup. Meeka (the pup) was also feeling the heat which led to some challenges in trying to get her to pose. The poor baby was so hot she just wanted to lie down. So that's what we did (and it still turned out adorable!).

park engagement winnipeg

So many photos, so little time!

Trying to do an engagement shoot as a mini session also provided some challenges. This was not a possibility I had even considered before Amberly requested some engagement photos as a part of her mini session. Why not try though? I figured we could at least get a few done in the 20 minute time frame.

For anyone who is not familiar with mini sessions, they are a shorter than average photography sessions at a lower price point. They are a great way to sample what booking a full session would be like. You get to test out the photographer and their work with minimal risk.

Engagement sessions on the other hand, are usually much longer full length sessions. I usually offer a 2 hour engagement shoot package which allows for one or two different locations and the opportunity for some outfit changes. If this sounds interesting to you, click here to send me a message! The longer time frame of a full session provides more opportunities to play with fun poses, experiment with candids, and pinpoint the finer details.

holding hands over puppy engagement photo

More than that, an engagement shoot is a special occasion! Getting married is a whirlwind of exciting experiences leading up to the big day. The engagement photo shoot is just one of the first steps along the way and I like to make it feel as special as possible. During an engagement shoot I want to learn all about the couple and their wedding. I want to hear all of your plans and hopes and dreams for the big day! As a part of the wedding journey, I want your engagement session to help fuel your excitement while also creating some beautiful memories and special artwork to display in your home and share with your loved ones.

When I first heard the possibility of doing engagement photos during a mini session I thought "how am I going to fit this all into such a short session?" I wondered how I could adequately wrap the whole experience up into just 20 minutes. The answer is that I really couldn't but, I was prepared to do my best to capture as much as possible! Equipped with this knowledge, Amberly and Travis decided they wanted to give it a go.

Just as a mini session is designed to be a sampling of a full portrait session, this engagement mini became a sample of what a full engagement session could be. I knew that in this time we would really just be able to brush the surface of possibilities. I made the decision going into this that I would have to focus on maximizing the time taking as many photos as possible (especially important since they had the pup). We tried some traditional engagement poses as well as some cute family photos. At the end of the day, there were many adorable photos to choose from!

winnipeg engagement photos

The Verdict:

While I would say that this experiment in engagement mini sessions was an overall success, I would still definitely recommend booking a full engagement session. There is just no way to fit the entire experience into such a short time period.

Cons of the shorter session included:

-less time to focus on the overall experience

-insufficient time to experiment with candid moments and action shots

-poses needed to be kept simple as I did not want to eat up all of the time setting up for each photo

engagement family photo

Pup of Honour!

Meet Meeka

Bringing along your pet is a great way to add personality to your photos. As an important member of the family, I am always excited when people ask to include their dogs. So when Amberly asked if they could include Meeka into their photos it was an overwhelming yes!

Of course pictures with pups do bring their own set of challenges. First and foremost is cooperation. We can plan all of these adorable poses, but actually getting the dog to do them is a whole different story! What I have come to learn in my experiences working with these furry friends is that the key to success is to take as many photos as possible. Treats or a favourite toy can also be a great help for getting their attention!

puppy of honour

Meeka showing off her adorable "My human's are getting married" bandana.

Working with dogs you also have to be willing to adapt. If a pose isn't working or they need a break, you sometimes have to let them just do their own thing. Amberly and Travis' session took place in a park where there were tons of exciting distractions for little Meeka! Sometimes posing them facing away from other people and in enclosed little areas was necessary to keep her attention.

At the end of the day, the benefits of including your pet far outweigh any challenges of the process! Some of these photos with our pets become the most treasured of all! There are lots of fun ways you can include your pup into your wedding as well! From cute little outfits (like Meeka's bandana), to a place in the ceremony, or even just for the photos, there are lots of options. If you want to include your pet, always check to make sure that your venue is ok with it first.

winnipeg engagement

Final Thoughts

I am always super excited when I am given the opportunity to work with couples and be a part of their wedding journey! My love for working at weddings and capturing the love that exists with couples was my main inspiration for starting Kashton Photography. There is a special bond that exists between people in love and I adore capturing all of these beautiful relationships! If you are getting married in Manitoba and still need a photographer, send me a message! I would love to be a part of your story with either wedding day coverage or an engagement shoot of your own! Thank you Amberly and Travis for making me a part of your journey and allowing me to capture your love!

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