Hi, I am Holly Kashton.

I am a photographer from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have a passion for making art and travelling the world. I like to bring a camera with me wherever I go so that I am always ready to capture the world around me.

Growing up I always wanted to be an artist. Now I am living my dream! Creating beautiful artwork for my clients to display in their homes is the real magic behind photography to me. Photos are a window into our past and being able to look up at those photos everyday is just so special!

Photo credit to Melissa Galbraith Photo

I started working in the wedding industry while in university and I loved every minute of it. Weddings are so much fun and a real passion of mine. As soon as I started working in the industry I knew it was something I wanted to continue doing. Before leaving to focus on my photography, I worked at a popular wedding venue near Winnipeg. While working there I learned a lot about the industry and got to see so many wonderful events! Now I look forward to capturing the special day for my couples!

Photo credit to Melissa Galbraith Photo

As much as I love client work, I also truly love travel photography. The world is full of so much beauty and I enjoy capturing the sights at every new place I go. I have been lucky enough to visit over 10 countries so far and hope to keep growing that list! Despite that, my favourite travel destination is actually quite local. Eastern Canada is a gem that is overlooked by many. However, the landscape there is so versatile and breathtaking! My dream travel destinations for the future include Tanzania, Fiji, Hawaii, and Venice.

When I am not working, I love hiking, white water rafting, cooking, spending time with friends and family, cuddling with my puppies, being active, and relaxing with an interesting tv show, movie, or book.

I can't wait to get to know you too!

Photo credit to Melissa Galbraith Photo